Bill Diehm

Hello, I am an amateur photographer that shoots photos for various events. I ask for no compensation for the photos and would be happy to provide copies to parents that are interested. My main focus of photos is with schools in the Robertson County, TN area and I contribute to the Robertson County Times newspaper, school yearbook staffs, school newspapers and anyone that is interested. Most of the events that I shoot are where I have some type of connection. These include a school that my daughter attended, friends of her’s through the years, friends’ childrens’ schools, and more. I’m trying to improve my photo taking abilities so I try different types of sporting events. I’m also associated with the MTSCA (mtsca.org) softball organization and usually shoot at most of their events. This site allows you to view and download any photos that you would like where you can then print at your house or another location It also allows for you to purchase print copies from them and have them mailed to your house. I may be contacted at wcdiv@comcast.net.